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Today we will be discussing the not so popular Micellar Water. Micellar Water is the first step in your skin cleansing regime. It will remove make-up, dirt and SPF accumulated during the day.

Micellar Water is a mild cleanser, but a great way to get rid of the most dirt and grime on your skin. Micellar water can be a good solution to add to your skin care routine for those with oily skin, it is mild but effective at keeping your skin clean without over-drying or without using too many added chemicals. Remember it is not enough to remove waterproof makeup, which leaves users prone to over-rubbing or leaving behind more residue than oil-based cosmetic removers. Micellar water lacks ingredients that can address specific skin concerns, like salicylic acid for breakouts or AHA. What’s more, micellar water can be applied using just a cotton pad, which eliminates the need for facial brushes and washcloths that can spread germs and bacteria. Micellar water can help remove dirt and oil, which may help prevent blocked pores and pimples to keep skin clear. And good news: Thanks to its super gentle formula, you can use micellar water every day. In fact, it’s best to cleanse your skin twice a day, every day, and micellar water can serve as your face wash for all your cleansing sessions.

After using the Micellar Water, you are good to use any other cleansers of your choice. As I mentioned in my first Blog it is good to cleanse face three times, Micellar Water and two other cleansers, of which the Oil to Milky Cleansers and Creamy Facials Cleansers are excellent.

Formula Rose Micellar Water


Add each ingredient to a beaker and stir each time. Do not beat your ingredients, just stir them together gently.

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We can discuss the Creamy Foaming Cleanser in the next blog as it goes hand in hand with the Oil to Milk Facial Cleanser

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