If you are creating products for the hair, skin or cosmetics, then conditioners are one of the most important ingredients. The final shine, texture and feel of a formulation is determined by the ingredients in a conditioning formula. There are 3 major categories for conditioners namely silicone conditioners, protein conditioners,  and quarternaries/cationics.

Quarternaries/cationics are special cationic surfactants that carry positive electrical charges and neutralise the negative charges formed in hair. It reduces the static electricity of hair, detangling the hair, improving the shine in hair and increasing the life of hair colour on hair.

Protein conditioners are hydrolyzed proteins  from plant and animal sources which function primarily as skin and hair conditioning agents in personal care products. These protein derivatives are prepared by subjecting animal or vegetable proteins to enzymatic or other chemical, partial hydrolyses. They can thicken hair and add volume to hair as well as add shine and reduce the effect of damaged hair.

Silicone conditioners provide smoothness, silkiness and moisturising effects. They are used in sunscreens, shampoos, hair conditioners, lotions, lipsticks and make-up formulations for a superior silky spreadable feel. For the best balance of moisture, shine, and staying power, silicone conditioners are a great investment