Basic Face wash

  Ingredients Function %
  Mixture A    
1 Distilled water Diluent 52.3
2 Bentonite Texturiser 3
  Mixture B    
3 Glycerine Humectant 3
4 Xanthan gum Thickener 0.2
  Mixture C    
5 Sodium gluconate/EDTA Stabiliser 0.2
6 Kaolin Texturiser 3
7 Surfactant Base Surfactant 10
8 Polyglucose (decyl glucoside) Surfactant 10
  Mixture D    
9 Emulgade SE-PF Emulsifier 6
10 Sweet almond oil Emollient 3
11 Jojoba oil Emollient 8
  Mixture E    
12 Lactic acid pH corrector 0.2
13 Phenoxyethanol SA Preservative 0.9
14 Fragrance Fragrance 0.2



Heat  Ingredients for Mixture A in one beaker and ingredients from Mixture B in a second beaker to 75degrees. Add Mixture A to Mixture B. Add ingredients of mixture C to A and B one at a time stirring well. Combine ingredients for mixture D in a separate beaker and heat to 75 degrees Celsius. Add mixture D to mixture A/B/C at 75 degrees Celsius.  Allow to cool to 30degrees and add Mixture E one at time stirring well. Adjust pH to between 5-6 with additional lactic acid.