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Today we are discussing one of my absolute favourite Facial Skin Cleansers.

To really have a clean skin, skin needs to be washed twice. The facial skin cleanser I am introducing today is the oil to milk facial cleanser. This facial cleanser is suited to any skin type and leaves a soft hydrating feel on the skin. Can oily face use oil-based cleanser?

Applying an oil to milky facial cleanser allows for a more effective way to remove dirt and oil buildup on your skin. Oil cleansing is great for dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, breakouts and sensitive and reactive skin. Many people notice that after they start oil cleansing nightly, their skin looks healthier and even glows.

To clean your face put a pea-size or a little more of the cleanser in the palm of your hand and rub with both hands all over your skin. Wet your hands and rub your face again. Then the magic happens, and the oil turns into a milky substance, rub in well and then rinse your face. You will be
left with a rejuvenated silky moisturized skin.

Now to back-up your second facial wash you can use the oil to milky cleanser again or use a creamy foaming cleanser. The result is an even glow healthier skin.

I can highly recommend the Oil to Milky Facial Cleanser as it is a multi-skin type cleanser.


To create your own, you can use the formula below:


Oil phase


Final phase


  • Weigh the Sucragel ingredients into a small, high-edged bowl that you can use a single
    electric beater in.
  • Weigh the oil phase into a small bowl or beaker and have a disposable pipette handy.
  • Beat the Sucragel with your electric beater until it is white, and then add a single pipette of
    Beat for at least 30 seconds, and add another pipette of oil. Repeat, beating
    continuously, until the mixture thickens substantially and transforms into a translucent gel
    that forms soft peaks. At this point you can start adding the oil in slightly larger portions,
    continuing to beat thoroughly between additions.
  • Once you’ve incorporated all the oil, weigh the final phase ingredients into the empty oil
    container and add those gradually—I did this in approximately four even-ish sized
    additions—beating thoroughly between additions.
  • And that’s it! Transfer the cleansing oil gel into a 60ml jar.

To use, combine a pea-sized amount of the cleansing gel in your palm with a bit of water, massage into your face, and rinse off.

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